• Timeout can be called by either the player or designated coach*
  • Designated coach* approaches the table to discuss options
  • Can not place cue ball or use player’s cue stick to line up shots
  • Coach* must leave table prior to the shot
  • 1 minute max (use the app timer in top left corner)
  • 1 timeout per game for skill levels 4-7
  • 2 timeouts per game for skill levels 2-3

Unlimited Assistance for skill level 2 only

  • Assistance from the sidelines by the designated coach* only
  • If the coach* approaches the table, it is considered a timeout
  • 45 seconds max (use the app timer in top right corner)

*The Coach is any person on the team that is designated prior to a given match to be that person’s coach for the entire match.(does not have to be the captain).



8 Ball highlights (Full rules here)

  • Please try to use the NEW app (TAP the App) to keep score.
  • Only one person on either team needs to run the app, but should keep phone in full view of both teams.
  • Max players per team is 8.
  • Player’s handicaps range from 2 to 7 and 5 players from both teams square off and race according to handicap chart.
  • Max handicap of 5 players playing is 25 points.
  • 8 on the break is a win unless scratch which is a loss.
  • After a scratch on the break, the opponent shoots from the kitchen.
  • Open after the break regardless of what is made.
  • Must call pocket to have a completed shot and continue shooting (We don’t play slop in this joint!).
  • Jump cues are allowed.